Polwarth Parish Church in the City of Edinburgh
Learning in the Light of Knowledge, Moving in the Love of God

A large-scale celebratory event organised by the Church of Scotlandhttp://www.heartandsoul2015.org.uk/
The church is in a beautiful location alongside the Union Canal near Harrison Park and has been ‘snapped’ in all weathers and all seasons - flickr photos.

Here on our website, you can find out about

  1. worship and music at Polwarth

  2. our plans and activities, including the canal garden project,

  3. the events held on our premises and our open days,

  4. our renovation work aided by a grant from
    the Heritage Lottery Fund, and

  5. our special feature, our labyrinth.

Please contact us for more information.

What’s on at Polwarth?

  1. -regular activities

  2. -ad hoc activities

  3. -hall booking form

  4. -other news: Intimations

  1. - appealing now for:

    (not alcohol glasses),


  4. -2015 Walk set for
    Friday 29 May

  5. -more info here

Our Guild

  1. -is supporting
    Heart for Art

  1. -May 2015 diary here

Canal Garden

  1. -Good news!  We’ve received a grant of £26,645.30 through the Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant Scheme

  2. -Work has begun!

Trustees Annual Report

  1. -as a charity we publish a Trustees Report annually.  Read it here.

That was
Stewardship 2014
that was...

  1. -here

World Mission

  1. -more information and link to World Mission magazine here

Church and
Society Council

  1. -campaign with the Church of Scotland to ‘make a difference’

  2. -there’s support for churches including events / courses

  3. -more info here

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Polwarth’s Story

Polwarth is a safe place
for all people to worship
regardless of age, race, creed, cultural
background or sexual orientation

But we do more than worship: we provide
a community location
enhancement to the environment
a means to overcome stress and loss.

We do more than worship: we care
about people in all stages and conditions of life
about poverty and homelessness
about fairness and justice.

We do more than worship: we grow,
learning how to live as followers of Jesus
discovering the value of faith and prayer
living a common life in community.

We do more than worship: we share
the stories of what we do
work in partnership with other agencies
making sure all are included.

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